The Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO) is a provincial association of community based, not-for-profit organizations delivering the spectrum of free Housing Help Services that prevent and reduce homelessness. The mandate of the Association is to:
The Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO)
The Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO) increases Housing Help services as a recognizable identity, in order to strengthen homelessness prevention work for people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness across the province.
Raise awareness and access to these services in the community
Create opportunities for professional development and the sharing of best practices
Build the capacity of service providers to respond to the housing support needs of their communities through networking and training
The HHAO believes that Housing Help services form an essential community service whose core services assist people to find and keep suitable housing.
The HHAO affirms that our member Housing Help services strive to address root causes and conditions of housing insecurity.
The HHAO will provide a perspective and facilitate interactions with all levels of government regarding the issues, policy and decisions relating to Housing Help services.
The HHAO supports agencies that perform the following core Housing Help services.
The HHAO believes that all people regardless of age, income, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or ability have the universal human right to suitable housing.
Our Principles
Housing access, stabilization and eviction prevention
Housing support and homelessness prevention funds
Advocacy or referral assistance
Core Housing Help Services:
Housing Workers
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